Monday, October 21, 2013

Google Docs for Writing...WHAT???

Teaching Writing with Google Docs;

Why Google Docs?

First, Google Docs can do the job. It is not as feature-rich as MS Word, which is the Swiss Army knife of text production, but GDocs has all of the features that I require. Indeed, I find GDocs’ neat, clean, clear subset of features to be a welcome relief from the crowded swarm of features in MS Word, most of which neither my students nor I ever use. My career-oriented college requires APA (American Psychological Association) style for all academic papers, and Google Docs can handle that.
"But if Google Docs can only do what MS Word already does, then the switch would not be worth it. Fortunately, GDocs can do so much more—things that fit quite nicely into my flipped, just-in-time, technology enabled classrooms." By  Published October 21, 2013
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