Friday, January 24, 2014

Using Technology to Learn About History

Coach 'G' Uses Technology to Check for Understanding!

After using actual newspapers from the day the U.S. was attacked at Pearl Harbor, Coach 'G' used digital images of this historical event to create a newspaper template. His tsudents used this template to write in the image captions as well as related articles of this attack.

Student commentary;

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Add Your Own Voice to Students Documents!

Add Voice Comments to Google Documents With Kaizena

Another great reason to use Google Apps with your students...
Let your students listen to your voice as they recieve feedback on their project! Students more likely remember your actual words than the red pen marks on their work! For students that have a difficult time reading, or actually reading your writing, this will allow them to understand the feedback you are sharing!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Help Your Students Earn Their 'Digital Passport' to Safety and Citizenship

This is a GREAT teaching tool to teach online safety and citizenship!

Collaborative classroom activities reinforce online lessons as students' progress is tracked and measured so that teachers can effectively evaluate their students' readiness to be online and use mobile devices. Reports are easily exported from the platform, enabling schools to create a record of student learning that helps satisfy E-rate and CIPA educational requirements.  © Common Sense Media Inc. 2013
This tool is now available on Edmodo, Google play
Today, Common Sense Media is proud to announce the release of Digital Passport™ on both iOS and Android platforms, making the award-winning web-based game more accessible than ever for students in grades 3-5 who must learn critical skills around being safe, smart and responsible online.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Insight 360 At West End!

Great Things Happening at West End!

The teachers at West End School are working with 'Insight 360' to get the most out of their mobile devices, time and students! 
Mrs. Peck no longer needs to stand at her board away from her students to teach. She is able to walk the room while working with the Smart-board while she teaches. 
She did not have to stand at the copier to make copies of the lesson's worksheet, nor did she have to stop the lesson to pass out papers and have the students write their names on their papers. They completed the work she assigned and she was able to see results of their answers immmediately.
she did need to pause the lesson briefly, so she 'locked-down' their devices to get their full attention.

The system will also allow her to give her students a test she creates in Eduphoria's Aware!
"My name is Misty Sanders and I have been working with Merianne Wininger with Turning Technologies, with the Insight 360.  Yesterday was the second time I have met with her about Insight 360. This is a really cool and neat program.  Mrs. Peck came to me this morning asking for the Ipad cart and she has already started doing her prep work, and presenting it to the class.  I went and observed the class a couple of times to see how it was working and how the students liked it.  I took some pictures that I would like to share with you.  The students said they are enjoying the new program and find it easier learning with the Ipads and with Insight 360." Misty Sanders, West End Technology Assistant
For more information on the system these teachers are using go to;

Monday, January 6, 2014

Where Would This Eighth Grader Be

Where Would this Eighth Grader Be If not for Her Third Grade Teacher?

I am grateful to Emily for this beautiful gift. Not only does this personal letter bring me great joy, but it also underscores the importance of integrating technology in the classroom at an early age.

Dear Mrs. Yollis,

I was completing a school documentary the other day for National History Day, and while looking at my complex software, I started thinking. I wondered about how I started loving computers and when I wanted to understand more in depth about these fascinating systems. Then I realized, my knowledge started in your third-grade classroom. Your classroom and blog started it all. Before your class, I couldn’t type well. I knew close to nothing about the internet and computers, but today, I can proudly say I am a computer film editor who started as a blogger and kept going. So this email to you is mainly to thank you. During the summer, I intern at the city's TV station and edit. If I didn’t know what the internet and computers were, how could I edit? Well it’s a good thing you taught me about computers! So, Thank you for being that start to my knowledge of the computer. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of you. Thank you for everything you taught me in third grade that put me where I am now. I really appreciate everything you ever taught me in school and online.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Emily, Eighth-Grade Editor

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