Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More 'Google Greatness'!!

Google Offers Even More for Classrooms!

If you are not already a Google Apps for Education fan, their newest roll outs will convince you!!


Google has the Expeditions App now available in the Google Play store! With this students can go on virtual field trips to such places as a rain forest, ancient Greece, even the Moon, no chaperones or bus requests required!

Also added, is 'Cast for Education'. This allows students and teachers to send/ share their screen to another screen on any wi-fi network, no more connecting wires to share student's creations! This is another great way Google promotes collaboration!

Teachers, you will love this!! A new feature added to Google Forms is 'Quizzes'! No more add-ons to get your form graded for you! You get instant scores and the student get performance feedback!


  1. Need to check this new app..I am excited!

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