Digital Citizenship and Safety

What Will Your Footprint Look Like?

The Improved Digital Safety Kit!
Ideas for Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom
Do You Know How (Easy it is) to Create a 'Works Cited' Page?

Are You a Media Savvy Parent?
Smart strategies for managing your kids' media and technology this year.

If you haven't already, its time to learn about the technology your kids are using! Many parents do not involve themselves when it comes to their kids and technology, or they always say 'No" when it comes to allowing their kids to participate in technology apps, simply because they do not know much about these apps. Many times, however, this leads to their 

kids using technology innapropriately, since no one has monitored their use and guided them on the proper use of these technologies.

Click below to get some great tips on some Parental Tech savvy tips!

This is a GREAT teaching tool to teach online safety and citizenship!

Collaborative classroom activities reinforce online lessons as students' progress is tracked and measured so that teachers can effectively evaluate their students' readiness to be online and use mobile devices. Reports are easily exported from the platform, enabling schools to create a record of student learning that helps satisfy E-rate and CIPA educational requirements.  © Common Sense Media Inc. 2013
This tool is now available on EdmodoGoogle play
Today, Common Sense Media is proud to announce the release of Digital Passport™ on both iOS and Android platforms, making the award-winning web-based game more accessible than ever for students in grades 3-5 who must learn critical skills around being safe, smart and responsible online.

The importance of digital citizenship is immeasurable! It is what defines your 'digital footprint'! We cannot ignore our role in guiding our students to become good digital citizens! Here is a very easy guide to guiding or students in a positive digital direction!

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