Tech Rock Star


Bellville's Tech Tour is happy to feature Mrs. Huffman as a true Tech Rocker!  

Mrs. Huffman has embraced 21st century learning with her all of her classes! She uses technology to make learning relevant to her students. Her students produce documents that show their understanding of the concepts being taught. She is constantly searching for, and trying new relevant technology to use in class. Once she finds tech that will help her or her students she continues to use it while ditching the tech that doesn't improve teaching or learning in her classes!
With a visit to her  classes you will see;
  • students actively collaborating 
  • students getting immediate feedback as they work 
  • students working on documents in groups from different locations  
  • students conducting research online
  • students applying higher level thinking skills
Mrs. Huffman is truly a 21st Century Educator! Some of the platforms she uses are;

  • Class Dojo
  • Storybird
  • Animoto
  • Google Slides
Some fun apps she uses are; Online Timer, online stopwatch, and 

You ROCK, Mrs. Mitchell!


  1. Woo hoo! Way to go, Betty!! You are a super-awesome Teacher!!!

  2. Betty you are a Rock Star, because you absolutely rock. And you are a 'Rock'...a Diamond. Your students are blessed to have you as a teacher. And a jewel to your fellow teachers.

  3. Way to ROCK IT, Betty!!!